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Special edition of 523 numbered copies

Alpine Eyewear presents a true jewel of innovation. Numbered 523 as a link to the new Formula 1, the sunglasses embodies the perfect fusion of advanced technology and unique design.

A 3D printed frame
What immediately distinguishes the new Alpine sunglasses is its 3D printed. The front of the frame is made individually from bio-sourced recycled materials, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability and eco-responsibility. This daring choice gives the frame an innovative design that embodies a strong personality and modernity.

Recycled metal temples from the automotive industry
The temples of the frame have been meticulously profiled to harmoniously fit any face, whether you’re female or male, and to meet the expectations of those looking for originality. Adorned with the iconic Alpine blue, they add a touch of sophistication and distinction to the product, underlining the timeless elegance of the brand.

A unique patented magnetic hinge
This frame produced in partnership with Jam Vision studio and features a revolutionary hinge. This unique technology avoids any functional movement and guarantees a perfect fit, thus offering optimal comfort to those who have the privilege of wearing these exceptional glasses. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to provide an outstanding user experience.

A 100% French realization
The Monaco frame is made in the heart of the Jura, renowned for its know-how and exceptional craftsmanship. Passionate women and men dedicate their expertise and talent to create these unique frames. Each manufacturing step is carried out with meticulous attention to details, thus embodying the passion and dedication that drives those who participated in the creation of these exceptional sunglasses.

A frame that will seduce the brand lovers and eyewear enthusiasts. This new frame embodies the bold spirit and technical excellence that characterizes Alpine, making it a true benchmark in the world of high-end sunglasses.

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