Alpine F1 Paddock

Made in France

Official product


Discover the BWT Alpine F1 Team sunglasses, a technical eyewear designed for the perfect blend of style, performance, and passion for Formula 1. These sunglasses feature category 3 sun lenses, providing optimal UV protection while ensuring clear and sharp vision.

The frame is skillfully crafted with a combination of rubber and metal, offering exceptional durability and a modern look. You’ll enjoy a pair of sunglasses that are both sturdy and lightweight, perfectly suited for an active lifestyle.

But that’s not all! The BWT Alpine F1 Team sunglasses proudly showcase the iconic colors of the team: pink and blue. By wearing these sunglasses, you demonstrate unwavering support for the team and your love for motorsport. Whether you’re in the grandstands during a race or simply enjoying the sun, these sunglasses add an elegant and dynamic touch to your style.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these sunglasses provide exceptional comfort. The adjustable temples ensure a perfect fit for all face shapes, while the polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast perception. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your outdoor activities without any discomfort.

The BWT Alpine F1 Team sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. They represent a true commitment to the team and the world of Formula 1. So don’t wait any longer and treat yourself to these technical sunglasses that combine performance, style, and a passion for racing. Be part of the team with the BWT Alpine F1 Team sunglasses!