Alpine A110-R

Made in France

Official product


Here are the sunglasses inspired by the sporty “R” version of the Alpine brand A110. These glasses offer you an elegant style and a direct link to the world of high performance motoring.

The mirrored polarized category 3 sunglasses in Alpine blue allow you to enjoy optimal protection against the sun’s rays, while adding a touch of sophistication to your look. They effectively filter light for clear, crisp vision no matter how bright the lighting is outside.

The frame of the glasses is made of aluminum, similar to the material used for the frame of the A110 “R” version. This unique feature gives the glasses exceptional robustness and lightness, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day.

The iconic codes of the Alpine brand are perfectly integrated into these sunglasses. The Alpine blue, emblematic color of the brand, is present to immerse you in its universe. The arrowed A, a symbol of quality and performance, adds a touch of distinction. In addition, the design of the headrests of the front seats of the A110 is repeated on the sleeves of the glasses, thus creating a harmony between the design of the car and that of the accessories.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just looking for a premium pair of sunglasses, Alpine’s A110 “R” version inspired eyewear is a perfect choice. Combine style, function and performance automotive heritage with these unique sunglasses. Affirm your style and your passion for excellence with Alpine glasses inspired by the “R” version of the A110.